EP 37 to Koma/Malberg (10 photos)

Light dusting of snow.

Light dusting of snow on Koma...our second such 'dusting' of the week. May 16, 2009

Koma Lake view

View from our campsite on Koma Lake.

Nice smallie

4.5 lb. small mouth

Koma into Malberg

Great fishinig at end of this rapid into Malberg.

Koma into Malberg

Rapids running big in early May, 2009

Snow on Koma Lake

May 16, 2009...let it snow.

Exiting the Kawishiwi River

Exiting the Kawishiwi River into Kawaschong Lake.

Light to fish by.

Completely overcast for most of the day...the sky opened just a patch of itself to allow this perfect shot of my son fishing on Polly Lake.

Group Pic

Lourens R., John H, Bob Y, Adam K., John Y