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2012 Snow Bay/Takucmich (23 photos)

Hungry Boy

LLC eater

Tac camp

looking east on Tac

The scoop

Fun catch.

cloudy exit

Clouds moving off Tac were beautiful

Storm end on Tac

Back end of the storm looked like a wall cloud going away.

Tac H2O trip

Rob and Joe get water.

Takucmich post rain

Post storm view from camp.

Takucmich storm

Severe? Storm on Takucmich

Tac bass

one of many 3-4 pounders.

In for a landing


The sherpas

Between drops

short cut portage

On the road again.

LLC barge

Pick up delivery service on passing Snow Bay

Pictos on LLC

Joe obsovering history


Aluminum working skiff

Dinner on Tac

Dude, we should be eating trout.

Snow Bay

Table...really poor pic.

Snow Bay

Staying dry.

Devil's Cascade

From clifftop campsite

Snow Bay Table Site

On the point


Sherpa Rob and Al on LIS


SISUTOO, brand new