Sawbill to Lake One, Across the Center of the BWCA (42 photos)

July 2018 EP38 to EP30 Track

InReach Explorer+ track of trip from EP38 to EP30

Ely Steakhouse post-trip

M excited for her burger after a week in the woods

Lake One entry back to Ely

Dry in our car as a storm hits

M paddling the Kawishiwi

M on the Kawishiwi River just before the Lake One entry, under ominous skies

M Ready for a wet paddle to the exit

M at site 1523, about to take off into an ominous sky for our paddle to the exit

Lake Two early morning before a storm

The view from site 1523 just after 6:00 AM, before our paddle and before the storm

Lake Two, site 1523

In the natural windbreak of the north-facing tent pad on site 1523

The channel onto Lake Two from Lake Three

M paddling, as we go north from Lake Three to Lake Two, mid morning

Ducks on Lake Four

A family of ducks out for a swim at the mouth at the east end of Lake Four

Burn Zone Sunset M 3

Burn Zone site 1376 sunset photo by M

Burn Zone Photo M 2

M photo of burn zone site 1376 sunset

Burn Zone Sunset M 1

M photo of sunset from site 1376

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