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First BWCA Camping Trip - August 2010 (28 photos)

Campsite Location on Lake One

Rest Stop

Zulu and Freddie

Departing Camp

Canoe is pointed toward exit with a 25mph tailwind

Filtering Water

Filtering Water

Going through plenty of water with temperatures in the mid 80's

Fishing and Reading

Shore Fishing Near Confusion Lake Portage

Fishing near the Confusion Lake Portage

Evening Paddle

Evening Wind

Lake One Points

Tent Area


Camp Landing

84 degrees in the shade

Shade was at a premium on this 84 degree day

Wood Harvest

Breezy Point Camp

Cooking Breakfast

Breakfast Preparation

Firegrate Licking Freddie

"What makes you think I was licking the bottom of the firegrate?"

First BWCA Fire

Evening Fire

Lake One Campsite #1147 Looking Northeast

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