College Camping Trip (29 photos)

Pancakes on the Island

Making pancakes early at our morning site

Creek from Mudro to EP 23

The end of the trip along Mudro Creek to EP 23

Tin Can Mike Warm Up

Warming up around the camp fire on a Tin Can Mike Lake campsite.

Pick up the Paddle

Had to get out of our canoes and walk through the rocky river.

Willy at the Falls

Stadium seating was carved out to sit along the falls and view the crashing water right next to our site.

Lower Basswood Falls

I'm pointing at L. Basswood Falls, two falls catching into one basin in front our site.

Tour through Picture Rock

Took a stop at Picture Rock and the hieroglyphics left from native travelers.

Is this Venice

Suns out, means stand up and paddle in your canoe

Cliff Sites

Finding more and more cliff faces along Crooked

Lunch at Table Rock

Stopping for Lunch along Table Rock

Quick Pit Stop

Traversing through Crooked Lake to Table Rock then Picture Rock made for an eventful day with the storm at our back.


Making sure all of the gear was organized for the rest of the trip proved to be a great check.

Five Star Island Site

The 5 star treatment along Crooked Lake with an island to ourselves. If not for the weather this was truly a picturesque site.

Mud Portage

The portage through Papoose to Friday Bay was very muddy, making sure to lift our feet with every step was crucial not to fall. Missed the carnivorous plants along the trail.

Leaving camp from Chippewa

A look at the campsite on Chippewa. Kept a constant breeze with three tent pads and the lake to ourselves.

Chippewa Lake

Shortest Portage

Willy and I taking in the capabilities of the beaver and their engineering prowess. Making us traverse the one rod portage.

Break Half Way

Stopped for a break at the middle of the mile long portage onto Chippewa Lake

Confusion with Gun

False peninsulas proved troublesome for those with a map and directing the group along Gun Lake before the mile long portage

Depth Finder in Use

To be extra careful we made a depth finder out of rock and rope to ensure the safety of our cliff jump

Find the Depth

Found the right cliff, needed to find the best place to jump.

Break Along the Portage

Stopped for a breather halfway along the mile long portage

View from the site

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