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...and more snow from 10/29/13

More Snow: 10/29/201$

Snow on the Arrowhead!

Lund Rebel

Birch on Pine

Cut Down Birch on Pine

Jackass on Pine

What an idiot

Moron on Pine

This is what an idiot with an axe and time does in the BWCA.

Broken Paddle!

Great Ottertail paddle snapped mid-pull on me in the middle of Mountain Lake!

Moose on the lot!!!

Saganaga 9

Saganaga 7

Saganaga 5

Saganaga 4

Saganaga Serial

Saganaga 2

Saganaga 1

Saganaga 1

Northwoods 2013 2

Northwoods 2013 1

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