2010 Moose Lake to EP 14 (22 photos)

Upper Pauness

Calm at last

Devils Cascade 2

Short portage (or deep one)

Devils Cascade

Running fast

Beatty Portage 2

The "train"

Beatty Portage 1

Right of way

Snow Bay site 8

Calzone number two!

Snow Bay site 7

With the foot stool it was amazingly comfortable

Snow Bay site 6

Arm chair

Snow Bay site 4

Canoe Country growth

Snow Bay site 3



and plentiful wild blueberries!

Snow Bay site 2

Hearth and tables - everyting was really flat, level, and solidly supported.

Snow Bay site

Campfire bowl

Fish Stakes Narrows

Found on the trail to pit toilet.

Deviled eggs

Special order's don't upset us.

SUnday Bay

He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

Lower Basswood Falls


Below Lower Basswood Falls

First JMO cake!

Basswood Falls morning

Morning fog

Basswood Falls

Wild flowers

Below Basswood Falls

Wire rope from who knows what era

Basswood Falls camp

My son catching up on reading WSJ.