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The Wall

Kawaschong Sunset

Shared camp site on Little Sag.



Big sky at "Little Sag"

Our camp was that light spot on the distant shore.On the left you can see the regrowth of the old "blow down" and fire from years ago.

#10-Nate, Ben, Me

My Sons and of the best times of my life.... Can't wait to get back!


One happy man...the adventure continues

#7-The test run.


Grip is a little different but it seems to be OK.


Was he ever thankful for the 2 feet of duct tape he brought along for blisters!

#4-Dinner break.

We ate like kings!


The pine splint is taking shape.(Me in the background sewing buttons on my shirt)

#5- continued....

Nate is a carpenter...a craftsmen I would say.

#2-Repair time.

Nate didn't miss a beat.With minimal tools he went at it.


A bad thing when you're 15 mi. in.