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Fishgut's Increditable Quetico Adventure (45 photos)

William Walleye

William Walleye

Paddling on Sarah Lake 05

Paddling on Sarah Lake



Darkey Tentsite

Our tent on Darkey Lake

Warm day on McIntyre

Warm day on McIntyre

Sunset on Darkey

Sunset on Darkey Lake

Frying eggs- Gratton 05

Frying eggs at Gratton Lake

Sunset on Gratto2

Headed home on Gratton at sunset

Sunset on Gratto

Sunset on Gratton

Van Ride

Van ride across Echo Trail to Crain Lake

Quetico Sign Lac Lacroix

Lac Lacroix Ranger Station

Brewer Rapids

2 Brewers at Brewer Rapids

Jordan's Bunkhouse 05

Doug Jordan's Bunk House

tow 2005

Tow from Prairie Portage

maps William 05


McIntyre Tent 2005

Tent on McIntyre

Walleye filleting

Filleting walleye on William

William Campsite

Tent on William

Gratton Bass PTB 05

Bass on Gratton

northern3 Thomas Gratton 05

T.J. with another northern

portage 05

Thomas, portaging the camoe

Gratton tent 05

camp on Gratto

portage 05

on portage to Sarah Lake

McAree lunch 2005

Lunch on McAree

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