Kawishiwi Lake to Polly Lake (23 photos)

New Growth on the Pine


What kind of flower is this?

Looking into Townline

Portage from Polly

Polly Lake

Gary at the foot of Townline to Polly portage.

Someone's trash found about 25 feet into the woods at the campsite on Polly

Bottle Adam found in the woods. Thanks for slicing my thumb open, whoever you are.

Creek sentry's

Portage, Polly to Koma, looking at Polly

Wild Rose I believe


Hey, that's a dead end around the corner!


Food pack/sea bag hanging in the tree that was lifting its roots in the wind

Living room view on Polly

First mornings breakfast

Turkey brats w/stuff mixed in, eggs, oatmeal and coffee

Portage from Square Lake to Kawishiwi

Square Lake is 20r behind me.

Beaver River

After the rains, June 22 on the way home.

At the EP

Kawishiwi Canal

Run aground on Kawishiwi

Fishing on Polly

Kawasachong side of portage to Townline

On portage to Townline

Time for a break already

About mid-point 195r portage from Kawasachong to Townline. Looking and portaging north