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Photo Contest Submissions (35 photos)

Fuel tanks on Angleworm

Paddling Jordan narrows

Canoes on Trout Lake

Fire on Winchell

Getting a fire started at sunset on Winchell Lake

Snowy Isabella River campsite

New snow blankets the Isabella River Campsite

When life gives you blueberries...

Hat full of blueberries

Fog on Hatchet Creek

Fog hangs over a bend in Hatchet Creek.

Colors on Snowbank

Fall colors around the lake from the Snowbank Lake Trail

Getting situated

Snowy Powow Trail in October

Campfire on Whisky Jack

Eddy Falls

Eddy Falls along the Knife-Eddy portage.

Entry day

Paddling SAK

Clear skies, clear water

A beautiful day on Ogish

Flowers on Ogish

Ladyslipper and starflower

Fishdance pictographs

Examining the Fishdance pictographs

Enjoying the view on Ogish

A woman and her dog look out over Ogish Lake

Yellow larch on Shell Lake

View to the West, Yellow Larch on Shell Lake from Campsite 47

Sunset through the trees on Insula

Sunset through the trees

Ogish tent at night

Mossy Sioux Hustler

Putting in at EP 32

Thanksgiving dinner on Insula

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