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Base camping the Kawishiwi Triangle, August 2018 (22 photos)

Murphy Falls on the Kawishiwi

Kawishiwi River

South Kawishiwi River

Sunset on the South Kawishiwi

Dropping the canoe

Dropping the cnaoe

Lunch on Gabbro

August colors on Gabbro

Otters on Little Gabbro

Paddling Gabbro Lake

august 26 2018

august 25 2018

august 24 2018

august 23 2018

Releasing the northern

Releasing TM's smallie

TM's smallie

S. Kawishiwi River from Campsite 1130

A very dry campsite 1130

Portage landing from EP 32

Unloading the cars

Getting ready at Kawishiwi River Campground

Route Map

Entire route traveled during the trip.