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Stuart River September 2015 First BWCA Trip (30 photos)

crane heron

Any help with ID of this crane/heron? I think it was a Sasndhill Crane.

swan sunrise

Trumpeter Swans in the rice as I was leaving Lake Agnes

sunrise fog

Sun finally got high enough to burn off most of the fog

fogged in

Waiting for fog to lift enough to leave Lake Agnes


Bald Eagle on Lake Agnes


Rainbow over Lake Agnes

leaving Boulder Bay

Ready for the 70 rd portage out of Boulder Bay

LLC first view

My first view of Lac LaCroix, after Bottle portage

Bottle portage high road

View of the Bottle portage "high trail". Picture doesn't do it justice. It was steep!

entering Bottle Lake

Cracked slab on Canadian side as you enter Bottle Lake. Trees on opposite shore are in US

Iron camp view

View of fire grate and Iron Lake

iron tent pad

Tent pad on Iron Lake site

Sunset day 2

Sunset from site on day 2

carved log 2

rotated so you can read the rest

carved log 1

I found this log exploring around Stuart Lake campsite


There were mushrooms everywhere on this trip

water lily

Water Lily in bloom on Dahlgren River

Dahlgren River

View of Dahlgren River

close up of lower falls

Closer shot of falls at end of Dahlgren portage

Lower falls Dahlgren

Falls at end of Stuart/Dahlgren portage

Upper Dahlgren falls

Upper falls along Dahlgren portage

Island from site

Large boulder, and island as seen from site

Trumpeter Swans

Swans on Stuart Lake, Dahlgren portage visible to the left in the picture

Beaver lodge

One of several lodges on the Stuart River

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