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Clearwater entry: Fish, fun and the virgin latrine (22 photos)

Island emerging from the fog

This is the island as the fog cleared on Wednesday morning

Ducks at Sunrise

I caught some ducks on a fly by as the sun cleared the trees

The calm before the caffeine

Jim getting water for coffee - Dark Roast Sumatra in a French Press. No better combination than good coffee and a beautiful sunrise in the BWCA

Jim's turn for coffee

My buddy getting water for the morning coffee...I must confess he almost always makes the coffee.

Upper Falls

Eric posing for a pic at the upper section of Johnson Falls

The swimming hole

The boys enjoying a swim in the pool below the lower falls

Not your average family photo

My buddy Jim and his boys at Johnson Falls

Morning has broken

The dissipating fog reveals an enchanting view down the lake

Island View

The fog has mostly broken leaving a nearly perfect island reflection and a mist in the hills across the lake.

Mystical morning

Sunrise on a foggy morning from our site on Caribou Lake

Foggy Island

We could barely see the island right in front of our site.


19.5 inch smallie from our first day on Caribou Lake

Our campsite on Caribou Lake

That is my tent in the foreground and the "living room" of the site right at water's edge. The other 2 tents were back further to the left out of the pic.


Jim and the boys enjoying a Temperance River massage

Cliff diving on the Temperance

We all enjoyed jumping into the Temperance but the young pups were a lot more daring than us old guys.

On the Baptism

A Cedar Waxwing poses in a tree on an island in the Baptism River

The Baptism River

The Baptism rushes by just a few feet from our tents in one of our favorite campsites in Minnesota