THE Trip, so far (42 photos)

Bath house, say no more

Bath house, I don't need to explain this

Sag, before the wind

Sag again, it doesn't stay like this

Sag again, don't be fooled ;-)

Sag, ealy morningr

Squirrel on west Sag

Swamp to west Sag

Swamp portage

Damn tourists ;-)

Switched countries, real tourist, I know

Illegal alien

Me Canada, Wes USA

Waitin' for the trail to clear, Ottertrack

Back at the monuments, some guys ahead of us, we're not in a hurry at this time

Pancake, whoulda thought?

Blueberry rice pancakes

Bay on S Knife

Gotta have this picture

BW signal amplifier

BWCA Tech, $10 radio and an aluminum paddle shaft. Twins lost, 4-3

Just thought it was artsy

This is WAY artsy for me, but I'm sittin' there and it happens

Just me actin' tough again, showin' off my nice shirt

A very nice couple

2 pilgrims at the Hanso portage. They were very nice, maybe college professors or something. My son says I was rude to them, if I was I apologize

Cedar at the falls

Big double cedar on the S Knife/Hanson portage

Wes fishing

Wes at the S Knife site

Campsite, S Knife

Campsite on South Knife, guessing Moose, given there are very few cows in the BW

Roll Tide in the BW

Just a personal touch, kinda makes it look like my front yard...;-)

Solar shower, works pretty good

The legendary solar shower. This is a Stearns 4 gallon, worked great. Doubles on dishwashing

Broke my dam flyrod

My broken fly rod, I'll get back to this

I'm actually a lot happier about this than it might seem

Tarps on S Knife

South Knife camp, got the tarp by the fire and the "tool shed" for the gear

A little more rain, S Knife

Rain, ya'll were right about these tarps, very handy

Lunch campsite on South Knife. There's 2 sites tucked in behind this little island, very mediocre sites but it's a nice area

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