2012 Horseshoe (30 photos)

My first flyrod smallmouth ever

The Mystique in a little better shape, in full base camp mode

Wes and Mike about to baptise each other. Not really

6 days, rarely did I ever know exactly what those 2 were doing...

I don't think YC teaches this at her camps

The tarpmeister, thanks Ken

Shaking out, you've all been there

A little more organized, we're safe now

2 days later that rock in the center foreground was a foot under water

No idea how that chipmunk got my english muffin

Moose and calf near the Vista portage

Wes fishing on SE Horseshoe. That's a neat camp, it's just small

SE Horseshoe again, the Mystique caved in, mostly my fault

My first Pike ever

Southeast Horseshoe, a wad of butterflies

I have not a clue what these idiots are doing

I think this is still on Caribou, Wes has invented a new paddling technique

Wes and Mike, I think we're on Caribou

My camera after I fell in the lake

The boys caught this friggin turtle, you'd think they discovered turtles

Caribou camp, right across from the Lizz portage, nice little patio

Big rock on Caribou, this is a nice camp, just in a weird place

Tarp engineering, not bad if I say so myself

New style latrine, Caribou right across from the Lizz portage

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