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Mom, Sons & DDIL Boundary Waters Adventure (14 photos)

Devil's Cascade

No 1 Son Portaging

Glad we left the 85-pound canoe at home.

12-Final Discussion

on paddling techniques.

09-Mapping our way out

Checking the map on Oyster Lake

11-All Done

10-Nina Moose Dusk

Last night in paradise.

08-They found a Mom-approved rock

Rocky Lake on the way back to Oyster campsite

07-The Recliners

Great day trip from Oyster with only a food pack.

06-Bad Hair Week

First campsite on Shell Lake. Love my REI chair

05-Kids at Devil's Cascade

Andy (No 3 Son), Doug (No 2 Son) & Rebecca, Ty (No 1 Son)

04-What we packed

Up until 2am packing. Can you say "disorganized"?

03-Happy campers

Rebecca (wife of No 2 Son) and No 1 Son Ty at Brewery

02-Leech Lake Brewery

Another family tradition. 2 sons brew their own beer. Doug, Andy, 2 other customers, Rebecca

01-Akeley MN

Family Tradition to stop and see Paul on our way east.