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Krista's Graduation Present (49 photos)

Our Ride in the BW

Logs on Bogs

Missing Link to Tusc portage

Wolf? Droppings

Where's the Waterline?

The water is so clear and still, that it is hard to detect where the waterline is on the log

Calm Waters

Looking SSW on Seagull in the early AM

Mirror or Water? Both!

Looking down in the water wityh trees reflected from above and rocky bottom below

Glass or Water?

Looking west on Seagull

Morning on Seagull

Looking SW on Friday morning

Calm Seagull

Sunset on Seagull

And another one

Look close and see the smile on her face.

Another One

Krista lands a smallmouth that we weighed at 2 lbs

Perch Blade Dancer

Krista slew 'em with this lure. Eventually lost to a big fish

Seagull Northern

Krista's first northern on a perch bladedancer @ 4lbs

Looking SW on Seagull

Last evening in the BW

Preheating Stove

Getting ready for dinner on Seagull with Whisperlite stove on granite countertop

Camp on Seagull

Last night's camp on Seagull 5/21

Krista overlooking Alpine

Last portage from Alpine to Seagull 5/21

Falls from Jasper

Portage from Jasper to Alpine

Cruising on Jasper

Trolling with the wind on Jasper Thursday May 21

Morning Snack Break

We stop for a early snack before hitting Kingfisher Thursday, May 21

Heading out of Ogish

Leaving our camp on Ogish Thursday am 5/21

5 lb Northern

Caught early am on Ogish Wednesday 5/20 on a Johnson siver spoon

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