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May 2013 (21 photos)

Heading Home

3600 miles round trip

Lunch @ Crooked Spoon

Ross "SHERPA" Hedlund

This man carried two aluminum canoes across 423 rod portage. And JOGGED with them on good ground.

13 Portages 4 days

Round Lake Last Morning Ice Cream after Lunch

Memorial Day 2013

Missing Link - Round Portage

Missing Link morning 4

Tusc Night 2

Tuscarora Looking West

Men in Black

The Skittles/Starburst Girls

Camp 2 Tuscarora

Polar Plunge

Tuscarora Lake night 2

Crooked Lake?

Bat Lake

Camp 1 Bat Lake

Ready to launch

Round Lk

Round Lk 5/23/13

Merlin hull

Bought from Portagekeeper

Berlin wall, Eureka College