Gabbro Lake - August 2008 (24 photos)

LL. Loon at sunset

O. Canoe landing 2

W. Baiting up for the last cast

V. Father and son

U. Crappie action

T. Eater walleye - 2

S. Eater walleye - 1

R. Cooling off - 3

Q. Cooling off - 2

P. Cooling off - 1

D. Campsite with a view!

N. Snakecharmer

M. Watchful eagle

L. Loon at sunset

K. Campsite company

J. Campfire on Gabbro

I. Full moon rising

E. Canoe landing

H. Ben with pike

G. Loon on Gabbro

F. Ben enjoying BW pizza

C. Campsite on Gabbro

B. Merganzers on Little Gabbro

A. Little Gabbro Lake