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Another Nine Days in Quetico (45 photos)

Zzz. 2009 Quetico full route

Zz. 2009 Quetico canoe route

F. Campfire on William

Z. Mr.Barley enjoying the ride

Y. Joe and Moose Plums

X. Loon River tow

W. Beatty Portage

V. Randy (The Rocket) Stern

Uu. Curtain Falls

U. Crossing a glassy Argo II

T. Crossing a glassy Argo

S. Group photo on Argo

R. Campfire on Argo

Q. Brent Lake walleye

Pp. Red squirrel on McIntyre campsite

P. Pink Lady's Slipper on McIntyre-2

Oo. Pink Lady's Slipper on McIntyre-1

O. Message jar on McIntyre Lake

Nn. Loons on McIntyre Lake

N. McIntyre Laker

Mm. Fish tacos for lunch

M. Trout fingers

Ll. The living and the dead - McIntyre Lake

Kk. Early morning fog on McIntyre

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