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Hog Creek/Perent Lake - August 2009 (28 photos)

z. Clown on Perent

Z. Father and son on Perent Lake

Zz. Hog Creek

Y. Heading out

X. Pine marten attack

W. Perent Lake

V. Rock jumping

U. Blueberries

T. Blueberries

S. Shore lunch

R. Fish cleaning time

Q. Raspberries

P. Picking berries

N. Canoe landing on Perent

O. Dinner guests

M. Mid-lake rock on Perent Lake

L. Raspberries in season

K. Large rock on Perent

J. Large rock on Perent campsite

I. Timberline/no rainfly

H. Loon in the morning fog

G. Perent Lake sunset

F. Hot dog on a soft shell

E. Entering Perent Lake

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