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Little Indian Souix North Loop - June 2012 (45 photos)

Dd. Little Loon Lake campsite

zo. Narrows to Little Shell Lake

zp. Beaver pond on Shell/Pauness portage

zn. Clothes line on Lynx Lake

zm. Lynx Lake fish fry

zl. Lynx Lake dinner guest

zk. Saywer Beetle

zj. Lynx Lake campsite overview

zi. Lynx Lake campsite

zh. Beaver dam on Yodler Creek

zg. Yodler Creek water fall

zf. Yodler Creek iris

zd. Beach on Lynx Lake

zc. Beaver pond along Ruby/Lynx portage

zb. Ruby Lake

za. Hustler/Ruby portage

Z. Abandoned egg on Ruby portage

Y. Beaver pond on Oyster/Hustler portage

Xx. Oyster Lake campsite

X. Group photo on Oyster Lake

W. Iris on Oyster Lake 2

V. Iris on Oyster Lake 1

U. Indian pictographs on Rocky Lake

T. Flintstone furniture on Gebeonequet 2

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