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Pine Lake - June 2108 (26 photos)

Z.Trout Lake portage sign

Y.Pine Creek beaver dam

X.Red Columbine along Pine Creek

W.Chad Lake beaver pond

V.Ladyslipper on Chad Lake portage

U.Moose sign along the portage to Chad Lake

T.Loon in the grass on Pine Creek

S.Pine Creek loon

R.Loon on Pine Creek

Q.Canoe country Bluegill

P.Shore lunch on Pine

O.Catch n release into the grease

N.Four fat Gills for lunch

M.Group photo on Pine Lake

L.Feeding the campfire

K.Big Bluegill on Pine Lake

J.Chunky Pine Lake Bluegill

I.Old train tressle pilings on Pine Lake

H.Relaxing in camp

G.Loon pair on Pine Lake

F.Lone loon on Pine Lake

E.Campfire on Pine Lake

D.Nemo on Pine Lake campsite

C.First view of Pine Lake

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