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BWCA Spring 2007 (30 photos)

B. Jordan Lake pictographs

F. View from nice Sagus campsite

Enjoyed walleye shore lunch on this nice site on Sagus

H. Undisclosed creek II

L. Tight squeeze

ZZZ. Goob and Gomer

Is that banjo music I hear???

ZZ. Cattyman Falls

Z. Ancient stump on Jordan Lake

Y. Nesting loon on Jordan Lake

X. Loon closeup on Jordan Lake

Unwelcome Hitchhiker

V. Eagle at Jordan Lake spillway

T. View from Jordan Lake campsite

U. 24.5 inch Jordan walleye

S. Group photo on Jordan campsite

R. Liking lichens

I. Undisclosed creek I

J. Mission accomplished

QQ. View from Jordan portage towards Ima

Q. Whitecaps on Ima

P. Negotiating the Hatchet/Ima portage

O. Taking a break on Thomas

N. Below the cliffs on Fraser

M. Fraser campsite

GG. End of the road

We ran out of water at this point

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