Kawishiwi River Triangle (17 photos)

Shallow passage


Hot pink sky

Clear Lake 2



Pink clouds

Bright moon

Dusk paddle

Alpine glow

Alpine glow

The sun illuminates the tops of trees across a small bay

Sunrise on day one

A hot pink sky reflected in glasslike water

Bright Moon

A bright moon illuminates the night sky over a glowing tent

Clear Lake

View looking out over Clear lake and its many small islands from a high hill near the portage

"Taj Mahal" Rapids

An island sits in a narrow channel - to the left is a shallow rocky passage, to the right is a deeper, faster, riskier route.

Boggy Portage

K carries the canoe over tall grasses and raspberry bushes

Entry Point 32

Yellow kevlar canoe against a mirror-calm river with blue sky and puffy clouds