Moose to Agnes (Quetico) Trip 2013 (27 photos)

Moose Lake Entry

Moose Lake Entry Point Island Sign


Eggs and hashbrowns!

Our group

Our group at Prairie Portage

Prairie Portage

All our gear patiently waits while we take in the sights


Girl Power!

Flowers - Quetico

Behind our campsite on North Bay

Wildlife - Quetico

No bears on this trip - just a pesky bunny

North Bay Camp - Quetico

Lots of tent pad room

North Bay - Quetico

NE Site on large island near portages at south end of lake. Shallow swimming area

Jeff to West - Quetico

Rivers are always so much fun! Especially when they start like this. My co-guide was checking out the path to our adventure here

24r out of Jeff - Quetico

Portage trail out of Jeff Lake and into the river that leads to West Lake

Modified Bear Hang

When you have a campsite with no bear hang trees, you improvise!

Jeff Lake Campsite

Rocks along the shoreline are great for relaxing

Jeff Lake Fire Grate - Quetico

Fire Grate on left of picture - canoe landing straight ahead - tent pads behind. Had to walk through this area to get from landing to tents

Jeff Lake - Quetico

Looking from the back of the site to the water

Moose sighting on Agnes - Quetico

This is the closest I have ever gotten to a moose sighting in all my years in the wilderness

Agnes to East Lake Quetico

Our map shows a portage trail don't think so

Louisa Falls 2013

The falls above the tub

Louisa Falls Tub

The benefits of being a lifeguard - we "had" to check out the tub first ;)

Louisa Falls

Agnes Lake - Quetico

Meadows Portages

Quetico Meadows Lake portages

Our gear

Meadows portages - our gear patiently waits for us to load up

Singing Brook Portage Landing

Burke to Sunday Lake - Quetico

Singing Brook Portage

Between Burke and Sunday Lakes, Quetico

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