S Kawishiwi - September 2013 (15 photos)


Campsite on S Kawishiwi

portage landing

5 rod on S Kawishiwi River


Enjoying the morning sunshine


We watched an otter play in the water then climb on shore to enjoy breakfast

Fall Harvest

Busy time of hear in the BW for the wildlife

Trail around campsite

Trail along river from campsite

Fall in the BW

2013 S Kawishiwi River fall is arriving

tent pad

Fire grate to the right on point

Our living room

Great spot for hanging the hammocks


Look close - you will find the little red squirrel tho dropped pine cones on us then ran across the campsite with them one by one


Pitas, pizza sauce, pepperoni and cheese. Yum

S Kawishiwi River Campsite


Waiting for the storm

Hanging out in the woods for the storm to pass

5 rod on S Kawishiwi

North side of 5 rod portage on S Kawishiwi River September 2013

S Kawishiwi EP Landing

Sept 2013 early morning entry into the S Kawishiwi