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Quetico 2014 (27 photos)

Welcome Eagle

As we headed back to the US, our national bird was there at the border welcoming us home.

Another night...

...of awesome stars.

Sunset over Sunday Lake

What a wonderful site to end our trip (way better than the whitecaps on Basswood the following morning)

Our final night

...on Sunday lake. Packing out tomorrow.

Catch and Release

Randy made sure others could have the same fun he had.

A million bazillion stars

Amazing night time lights proved there was no need for a moon.

A Beach!!

A welcome landing port after all those rocky portages.

Agnes Pictograph

Not much, but there it is...a canoe with 3 occupants

Weather on Agnes

This is what awaited us as we sat, hidden behind an island

God's little terrarium

Everything contained in this one little stump.

Island in Silence

One of dozens of little islands along the journey

Entering Silence

After a particularly rough portage over the rocks and through the swamp, the view into Silence makes it worth it.

Landing zone

At least it was for me... face first with a big pack on my back. Sigh.

Moose Tracks

About 9 inches down into the muck. My tracks right after this included losing a shoe down in there.


That's what it is.

Entering Noon lake

And yes, this is where the canoe drifted out into the lake while we were looking away and we managed to snag it with the fishing rod before one of us (undoubtedly me...) had to go for a swim.

Non conformist

The seasons were definitely changing and one lone maple stood out amongst the green...

Helpful Warmth

Whoever invented fire should get a medal as it was a welcome necessity at every campsite to knock down the 33 degree evenings.

Fall Flowers

Not many things in bloom in September, but that didn't stop about a million mushrooms from enjoying the fallen trees.

Northern Lights

Celestial light show over Shade Lake. Thank you, sun.

Ridin' Low

Fully loaded for the trip. Yup, we overpacked, as always, but we ate well!

Lake Randy

Well, not really. Small lake north of Shade on the way to Grey lake. So henceforth named after my paddling buddy.

Quiet Beauty 2

One of the reasons to work hard on the portages.

Beaver issues

A very wide beaver dam certainly alters the look of the land. Industrious little buggers.

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