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No disappointment on Disappointment over Memorial Day
by Mad_Angler

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 05/21/2008
Entry & Exit Point: Snowbank Lake (EP 27)
Number of Days: 6
Group Size: 2
Trip Introduction:
My wife (Angie) and I decided to do a trip by ourselves without our 4 daughters. It was her first trip to the BW. I had done one short fully-outfitted trip last summer. This time, we used all our own gear and did all the prep/packing. So it was sort of my first trip too...
Day 1 of 6
Wednesday, May 21, 2008: Drive from home to Ely:

Angie and I had been nearly completely packed for days. The piles in the garage had finally taken shape into 3 Duluth packs. We left Wisconsin around 11am and drove to Ely. We were happy to find that the trip was only about 7 hours instead of 8 ½.

We checked in with Jordan’s Outfitters and then went to check out the big town of Ely. We stopped by Piragis Outfitters. It was quite a treat to see a BW specific outdoor store. Rather than wading through large camping sections and only finding a few BW items, the entire store was full of BW items.

We had dinner at the Ely Steak House. After reading so many reports about it, we felt that it was a required part of the trip.

We got back to Jordans around 8:30. We saw the video, reviewed the itinerary, tied a Souris River Quetico on our van and got the final details set.

We fell asleep quickly in spite of the fact that we felt like kids on Christmas Eve.