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Memories of BWCA
by bradcrc

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 05/12/1989
Entry & Exit Point: Sawbill Lake (EP 38)
Number of Days: 7
Group Size: 8
Trip Introduction:
While cleaning my office, I found a hand-written journal from my first BWCA trip as a teenager in 1989. I thought it'd be fun to post it here. It's obviously written by a kid, but I decided to resist the strong urge to "clean it up" and instead post it just as written. I seem to have left out a lot of really good stuff, and the photos appear to be in no particular order, but I included them on the pages they were taped. I definitely enjoyed the trip much more than it sounds like from reading this, this is the trip that got me hooked on BWCA. Without it, I wouldn't be on this site today.
Day 1 of 7
Pre Trip

After finding out Pat was sick so I could go on the trip, I went to my job at Brinks, where they were less than thrilled about my needing six days off with 2 days notice, but some of my teachers seemed to feel the same way about missing more school. It's nice to feel so needed.

I went to a meeting where they discussed equipment and things, but I was kind of lost because I missed the other meetings.