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Polly Lake Bluff Charge - Version 2.0
by Vanny

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 08/28/2001
Entry & Exit Point: Kawishiwi Lake (EP 37)
Number of Days: 3
Group Size: 5
Trip Introduction:
Duluth “Know-it-Alls” versus the Lake Polly “Bruins”
Day 1 of 3
Tuesday, August 28, 2001

I was on the same trip as Chilly and this my version....

Sometime late summer we convinced our “City Slicker” roommate Chris that he definitely needs to experience the BWCA. Those of us who have been up there before took care of all the plans and accumulated the gear. Chilly and I had been up there a couple times growing up, and two of the other guys had been in once before, so four of us knew what to expect. We were ready for our 1st trip to the Bdubs without parental supervision - We were totally psyched. After going over all of gear with everybody throwing in their 2cents about what we should bring, we were ready. After a couple blinks of sleep, we eager young men left our “college house” in Duluth before sunrise and were headed up Hwy 61 ready to take on the wilderness. We stopped in at the Tofte station to get our permit, and found out about a nuisance bear in the lake Polly area. I remember thinking to myself “Yep I know, put the pack 10ft in air…I’ve been up here a few times, plus I’m an Eagle Scout…Yogi has nothing on me”. Soon enough we were out of there and on our way to Kawishiwi Lake and paddling our way towards Polly. We were young, strong and eager, but damn our food pack was heavy. Easily over 100lbs, but it would be worth it for that 1st dinner. It seemed we got to Polly in no time and we were ecstatic that the island site we wanted was open. The 1st thing we noticed was this site had the “perfect” branch for hanging our food pack. We had found our “home” and in no time we had the tents up, fire wood accumulated and the charcoal grill going(YES we brought a little charcoal grill with us). Dinner consisted of huge slabs of cheap steak with corn on the cob. It took a while since we could only fit 1 steak at a time on the grill, but it was worth the wait. That 1st meal alone dropped over 10lbs from our pack. After we filled our bellies 4 of us went out fishing leaving Chris (aka “City Slicker”) back at camp since he didn’t know how to fish. On all of my previous trips, the dad’s were overly cautious (rightfully so) and didn’t want us out on the water after Sundown. Well the dad’s were not on this trip, so I was staying out as late as I wanted since the there wasn’t a ripple on the lake. We caught a couple smallies and provided Chris with his 1st BWCA Sunset photo op. Plus he had got to play around with the video camera we lugged in. We ended this perfect 1st day sitting around the fire trying to figure out which line on the camp cups we should be filling the Everclear up to and how much Kool-Aid it takes to make the burning taste go away. While we mastered this chemistry lesson, Chilly talked all of us into trying to get to Wolverine Lake the next day. The 4 fisherman peer pressured Chris and he finally obliged. Yes, this was the perfect 1st Day for a couple know-it-alls.