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Rainy Days were here again
by otter1

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 06/08/2010
Entry & Exit Point: Little Gabbro Lake (EP 33)
Number of Days: 4
Group Size: 4
Trip Introduction:
Myself, girlfriend and her two brothers were wanting a quick trip. Camping, fishing and enjoying. One brother Jeremy was experiencing his first trip while Amanda and Ryan and myself went together last fall.
Arrived at our ep 33 about 9:00 am for take-off. Portage was nice. Amanda and I were in our SR16 while Jeremy and Ryan each had their Perception kayaks. Our goal was to get to Turtle lake for the first night, but nearby rain detoured us to stay the first night in Gabbro. Glad we pulled over by the time camp was set up the rain began. Didn't stop tell bedtime(@9:00pm). Did enjoy a great steak and potato dinner, caught a walleye off campsite on a bobber. (first walleye wins meal on way out, yummy). We stayed on the northern most site in section 15. Nice site room for two tents and our large tarp, great view.

As morning came quick breakfast and coffee, packed up and off we went. Turtle was goal but we decided to cover some water instead we'd been on land long enough. So we crossed into Bald Eagle and up to Gull lake. Portage to B.E. was a neat little pull over. As we were canoeing close to all sites were filled, campers were friendly as we passed. Its always a nice wave at a fellow tripper. I try to stay away to allow their privacy. The portage to Gull was rather hard to get to. Lots of shallow rocks, definitely wet footing. Now the goat path to Gull was hilly,rocky and wet. Double portaging was the option. A burn area with its own beauty, lots of wolf scat. We entered a small stream to a quick 40 rod to Gull. Very tranquil indeed. Entered Gull hit the northern site here also. Ate lunch set up camp and visited. Site was okay. hard for two tents but a beautiful view, now that I think of it everywhere you take the time to visually absorb your surroundings, there's a beautiful view. Across the lake a three boat group made it their home. Amanda napped, us guys did some fishing. No walls but few pike and smallies, yeah. Back for dinner and visiting fished again with bobber caught a few rock bass and a nice 15" walleye(6' deep on crawler). Lucky for him I was already full. He did smile for a picture thou.

We woke up this second morning to glassy water,I couldn't wait, wished I had a jetboil now. Off Amanda and I went searching for lunch. I was in heaven, then the smallies wouldn't stop biting. Damn I wanted a break but no, unhook fish, take picture, put on stringer grab my pole, but wait Amanda has another. Kinda like rinse and repeat for the next two hours. What a joyful time. We were using top water plugs. Which was a first for Amanda but I think an addiction has set in her. She really had fun, not that she wont jig with the best of them. What day. We did keep 5 for lunch. Most were 13-15" class with of course Amanda topping out with a 17". The brothers went the other way from camp and had less results using spinners and spoons, Jeremy topped with a 27" pike. They scrambled for plugs after hearing their sister showed them up and off they went plugging and reeling in fish, how great. We enjoyed Gods gift of a shorelunch and a break. Unfortunately as evening came noaa informed us of the weather.

As day four came so did the rain again,we decided to head out. We were gonna stop until Amanda's rainsuit failed her. I felt terrible, she was wet and cold a dangerous combo. We reversed and went out the same way we came in. Thankfully a backwind helped my bow partner get us going. Sites were a bit more available I noticed. From Gull we made it to our exit point 33 in 7 hours. All were sad to leave yet misery was one bad decision away. Loaded up and off to cash-in my meal.

All and all trip was great like always. Didn't fish as much but I took on a lot of great laughs under that tarp. That loops not going anywhere, maybe next summer. Now Pine lake is on my radar this September.