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To Insula with the Boy Scouts
by floatstanley

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date:
Entry & Exit Point: Lake One (EP 30)
Number of Days: 6
Group Size: 9
Trip Introduction:
I got pulled out to go on another trip, WooHoo!!!
Well that didn't take long, I was put out for some group with kids to pick me up. They throw me in the back of a Suburban and drove to Ely. I was woken up the next morning as they were unloading all their gear at Lake One. I was strapped on (Yes, I'm not getting Farted on this Trip!!).

Lots of sun and swimming over the next few days on Lake Insula.

After coming back from the BWCA I was given to some chic with talk of an ALL GIRL TRIP???  ...Did I just get Lucky or what!

Lakes Traveled: Rifle Lake, Bridge Lake, Fire Lake, Hudson Lake, Insula Lake

Lakes Traveled:   Rifle Lake, Bridge Lake, Fire Lake, Hudson Lake, Insula, Lake,