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the long rivers route
by vinnie

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 07/26/2010
Entry Point: Hog Creek (EP 36)
Exit Point: Kawishiwi Lake (EP 37)  
Number of Days: 8
Group Size: 2
Trip Introduction:
The wife and i planned this trip for a long time. decided to do it this year at age 50(not getting any younger).Hog creek to kawishiwi lake
After a 9 hr drive from central Iowa we stopped in at the Tofte Forest rangers office and got our permit. Then we checked in at the americinn for the night and went out to eat at the Bluefin grille. We woke up early so we could get a early start to our entry point. The 1st day we paddled from hog creek to isabella lake. there was a couple areas we had to get out a walk the canoe through the bogs in knee deep mudd, rice, grass, etc. isabella we camped for the night, waves were about 18 in rollers when we got there.the 2nd day we paddled from isabella lake to the second campsite on the isabella river just west of rice lake. With almost 2ft rollers on isabella we headed out. On the 3rd day we paddled to Bald Eagle lake and camped on the campsite between BE and Gabbro. the paddle was easy this day as we were paddling down stream. The wife and i sat around camp and drank whiskey and watched other canoers fish. Day 4 we paddled from bald eagle to lake two.Was only going to go to lake one, but al the campsites were taken, so we had to go to lake two. It started to rain so we took the first camp site we seen .Day 5 we woke up loaded up and went only as far as lake three to a better campsite, so we could dry out all our wet clothes and gear. we relaxed all day and even did some fishing. I caught the biggest fish i have ever caught, about 38 in northern and i released him. Also had three ducks come up in our camp and hanged out for awhile. Day 6 we paddled from lake three to lake insula.Set up camp just in time for more rain to come.Day 7 we paddled from lake insula to koma lake. On the portage between the kawishiwi river and malberg lake there was water on the portage about 12 in deep for about 4 rods long. i was walking through it behind some other paddlers that were trying to float through it, when they let me go by them i step to the side and right into a 4 ft deep hole. Did a little fishing on koma with no luck.Day 8 we paddled to kawishiwi lake to our exit point.then we had to walk the 2.5 miles back to hog cheek to get our truck. when we got to the truck the battery was dead and it started to rain. i walked out to the road and stood there until a car came by, flagged them down for a jump. THANK YOU NICE PEOPLE FOR THE JUMP START.Back to kawishiwi lake to load up our stuff, then to the americinn for a night stay and a drive to Grand Marrais for some sevn & ole;s pizza.After a good shower and night sleeep the drive home. now to plan next years trip.