First Quetico Trip... The Epic Journey
by hexnymph

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 05/28/2004
Entry & Exit Point: Moose Lake (EP 25)
Number of Days: 8
Group Size: 8
Day 3 of 8
Monday, May 31, 2004

Sark Lake, Cutty Lake, Metacryst Lake, ? Lake, Baird Lake, Cub Lake, Cutty Creek, Eag Lake, Cutty Creek, Camel Lake

Another morning welcomed us with wind and mist but we ignored the weather and went about getting ready for another day. The wind wasn’t all that inviting on the lake but not to the point of being undoable so we set off. Once into the narrow bay up to the portage to Cutty lake the wind wasn’t to bad and the fishing was pretty good. Nobody kept anything to eat because nobody wanted to carry fish over the next couple portages but my boat caught a couple lakers, a smallmouth, and a pike. I believe at least one other boat did as well. Near the end of Sark lake we ran into three people in two canoes headed in the opposite direction toward Kahshapiwi, we said our hellos and bided good luck with the fishing. These were the only people we saw on day 3.

By the time we reached Cutty lake the wind had died down and we just had to deal with some non-stop mist that continued the rest of the day. 

One thing we’ve all learned about the weather in the northwoods is it can be cold or hot, wet or dry, windy or calm…. and we will deal with it and have fun anyway…. The same also goes for the bugs!

On to Metacryst lake we encountered a moose swimming in the grey mist ahead of us. We all paused and watched as the creature made its way across the lake and onto the opposite shore. Man, are they huge! A moment later it vanished into the forest and we continued on. 

After the portage from Metacryst we went to a small pond to the northwest. We tried to catch lunch but nothing was taking so we gave up and decided to eat lunch, build a fire, and make some coffee to warm up a bit. As we sat on the island we could see that there was definitely fish feeding on the surface. I speculate that this was a brookie lake and were weren’t using the correct tackle for them. The island we did lunch on was full of teaberries… at least before we were there…. After lunch we decided to pick up the pace and make it to Camel before we called it a day. That made for a bunch of paddles and portages through Baird Lake, Cub Lake, Cutty Creek, Eag Lake, Cutty Creek again, and onto Camel Lake. Exhaustion was setting in and people were boarder line moody this evening but nerves were settled after a hearty bowl of Camel Lake soup… and some whiskey! We then rested up for, tomorrow was to be “THE TOUGH DAY!”

(I’ve realized time and time again there are issues in larger groups with group dynamics… who’s Alfa male?…. but the group’s been building/streamlining for 6 years now and we’ve dealt and will continue to deal through thick (powwow through the arrow chain PMA) and thin (falling into some swamp and laughing about it)… I’m sure of it)