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Thomas Lake June 20th/25th
by Arkansas Man

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 06/20/2004
Entry & Exit Point: Snowbank Lake (EP 27)
Number of Days: 7
Group Size: 4
Trip Introduction:
What was hoped to be an easy trip with calm, warm weather ended up not being what happened. We had planned to fish, take it easy and introduce the women to the fun of the BWCA!!! Weather changed all of that!!!
Day 1 of 7
Saturday, June 19 2004
We arrive in Ely around 5:45 pm after leaving Arkansas the night before at 10:00. We hustle to the Wolf Center to get our permit. We then go to Voyager North to get bait, a canoe for the other couple, and some good conversation from Lynn and John. We then go to the Ely Steakhouse for dinner. After that we head out to Smitty's to spend the night. Once we get there and find Ron and Julie to be excellent host.