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Is it really solo?
by butthead

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 09/14/2010
Entry & Exit Point: Little Indian Sioux River (north) (EP 14)
Number of Days: 5
Group Size: 1
Trip Introduction:
It has been a few years since I took a true solo trip. I had the vacation days to use. So I took advantage of the Sept. Wing Nite, to kick off a late summer trip. I did pick up a tripping partner at Wing Nite. Does Float Stanley make this a group solo, or a tandem trip?
I had an entry permit for EP14, Little Indian Sioux River North on Sept. 14th. No plans past that, so I had a lot of options and a River to paddle. Also picked up a (non-paddling) partner for the trip, Float Stanley!

After the first portage a northwest wind picked up and slowed progress quite a bit.
Set up camp just southwest of the Devil's Cascade portage, and will decide on a trip direction in the morning.

Here I discovered my packing error. I pack my food as individual ingredients, and left my beef and sausage at home in the freezer! Menus deteriorated to soup and biscuits for the rest of the trip. Float Stanley had no problem with that, but I did!

Clouds were building up when I woke next morning.
Decision time, we will base camp on Lynx and explore.

By the time we reached the east side of Shell it was raining. I had packed up a wet camp due to a very heavy morning dew. It will now be quite a chore to dry it all out. I wanted to camp on the north of Lynx at a site I used in 2007. Half way across Lynx I see someone unloading a canoe, they arrived minutes before me! The rest of the campsites on Lynx did not appeal to me so we fell back on plan B, the camp on Little Shell.

Set up my Lean as a tarp and cooked lunch under the shelter, that sped up the drying process. The rain stopped, I hung up the sleeping bag and finished setting up camp. Camp was not bad, large and open. Yet lots of trees and shelter. No trash just signs of being used a lot.

The next morning as heavy with dew and fog!

Spent the day exploring and relaxing.
Float Stanley really enjoyed the relaxing part!

A request from Wing Nite was for more videos, so;


That provided for an excellent evening of BWCA entertainment;

The next day was blustery with fronts blowing thru all day long.
Spent most of the day hiking on the north side of Little Shell and generally just messin' around

Getting bored with my biscuit and soup menu, and needing to make adjustments at home (my son moved home from San Diego while I was gone and I was looking forward to helping him settle in), I decided to head out the next day.

Wouldn't you know it was the best weather so far! The paddle back up the Little Indian Sioux reminded me of the Hamm's commercials of old!

What a vacation! Fantastic Wing Nite camping, excellent but different trip for me, and Float Stanley (he is a quiet but amiable companion)! So does this rate as a solo trip?

Happy paddling to all!