wood/good /indiana with a 9 yo
by canoemom

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 07/23/2004
Entry & Exit Point: Wood Lake (EP 26)
Number of Days: 3
Group Size: 2
Trip Introduction:
Just finished this spur of the moment trip w/my 9 yo son. Picked up a used Kevlar canoe, and tried it out on this beginner route. Likely its lovely in the fall in here//we lucked out and avoided crowds--only saw 2 other groups!
I suspect the long portage into Wood and limited route options make this a less used path--but it was great for a short trip!!

The Wood lake portage is long, but a walk in the park! Portages into/out of Hula are a bit muddy-not a problem in the summer warmth-just messy. I've never canoed a grass lake like Hula--an interesting experience (we got in and my son was sure we'd taken a wrong turn)

Both campsites on Good Lake are beautiful--we took the one nearest the Indiana lake portage, and stayed 2 nites there-had the lake to ourselves the 1st nite. Campsites and portages had abundant blueberries and raspberries--even some late strawberries! I've never heard wolves in the BWCA--it was a neat experience, and the Northern lights put on an amazing show. 

I'm no fisherwoman, but we took a day trip loop from Good to Indiana, out the grassy river area into Wind bay, and back up Basswood to the portage into Good. Had lots of Northern action--unfortunately had plenty of black fly action as well... My son was taken w/the beaver dams/lodges, and mad that I didn't keep the northerns--he wanted to pack them out. The portage between Good and Indiana has lots of poison Ivy at the Good lake end--not used to seeing this in the BWCA!

This was a very "doable" first outing w/my son! For those not interested in fishing shallows-would skip the weedy river portion between Indiana and Wind Bay--consider popping out of Good into Basswood and exploring there a bit--Islands and some bays break that big water up enough!