Qik-n-Ez First Solo
by AndySG

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 07/30/2011
Entry & Exit Point: Slim Lake (EP 6)
Number of Days: 7
Group Size: 1
Trip Introduction:
This spring I started thinking of trying my first BWCA solo trip. My wife and I attended the 2011 Spring Wing Night, and I discussed with Kanoes a possible solo route beginning at Seagull Lake. Kanoes advised I go on smaller lakes for a first solo, and talking with JB and Diva, they suggested EP #6, Slim Lake, as a nice but easy area. I did some research and decided this would be my entry point. I was locked out of the prime late May through June period, as the Misses and I were busy planning and organizing a big, formal wedding for our eldest daughter on 7/16/11. Well, we made that happen and one week after I booked an August 1 entry date for EP #6. I then called Voyageur North Outfitters to reserve a solo canoe, bunk house stay, and a shuttle to and from the entry. I was set. A loving thanks to the Misses for letting me do this, despite her worries. NOTE: I could not get the links to my videos to work here. So if you are intrested, please copy and paste to your browser to see them. Andy SG
Day 1 of 7
Saturday, July 30, 2011

The week prior to leaving, I was alternately filled with excitement and anxiety over the trip. I let the excitement rule my thoughts and buried the anxiety as best I could. I was packed, repacked, and ready to depart at 8:00 AM on 7/30/11. I bid my wife farewell and started the 670 mile drive to Ely. An hour or two into the drive, the excitement took over completely as I dreamed of being in the woods while listening to my tunes on the car stereo. The miles slipped by as I headed north from central Illinois, Rockford, IL, Madison, and Eau Claire, WI. Hit Rte 53 North at Eau Claire with the plan of spending the night in Duluth. Arrived in Duluth about 5:30 PM, checked into the Days Inn, had some dinner and hit the sack early.

Link to Video "Overnight in Duluth"