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Entry points 6, 7, 8, 9 the BWCA
by wildtripper

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 08/06/2011
Entry Point: Big Lake (EP 7)
Exit Point: Big Lake (EP 7)  
Number of Days: 6
Group Size: 8
Trip Introduction:
Had to decrease the difficulty so we could do more fishing this year.
We had good water on the Portage River South, Little Indian Sioux South. We entered the Portage River South from the small creek at the southwest end of Big Lake, close to the portage trail to LaPond lake, but it looked like you could also go in from Echo Trail. We did enter the Little Indian Sioux South from the bridge at Echo Trail and the put-in was very nice. The water was adequate, but a little low. We were the only ones on the river even though most of it was outside the BWCA. We watched an osprey diving for his dinner. Lots of wild rice in some areas, so we had to make our own waterway. A phalanx of sixteen ducks picked their way over the rocks and pools on the rapids about 2 miles south of the falls. 

We tried to put in on the Moose River South from the small road to the left just before the parking lot for the Moose River North. We had to lower the boats off a rock face (not a great put-in!)before making our way south. Our progress was stopped about a half-mile in due to a long dry rapids with no portage trail on either side. One of our paddlers came away with numerous ticks on her sleeves for her foray into the bush. We ended up retreating and shuttling to the Moose River South entry point, but I think we could have gone in at Echo Trail. 

We saw no moose, but did see a couple of young lone wolves next to our cabin and on the road.

Thanks to those of you who encouraged the trips south on the Portage and Little Indian Sioux Rivers. They were very scenic and enjoyable and we had plenty of time to fish this year.