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Mudro to Crooked- Cultivating the love
by NorthwoodsHeaven

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 09/02/2011
Entry & Exit Point: Mudro Lake (restricted--no camping on Horse Lake) (EP 22)
Number of Days: 6
Group Size: 7
Day 2 of 6
Saturday, September 03, 2011 We had a good breakfast and were to the outfitters right at 6 am when they opened. With us we brought two Wenonah’s, one a beautiful red 87 sundowner, and an 03 Minnesota II. But as there were 7 of us we rented a minny III from the outfitters to take the other three. I was a little worried at first about the prospects of a three man canoe as I had never been up there with one before but it was actually great. It not only was the fastest in the water with three paddlers but I found it enjoyable to have two paddling mates. We had quite a few loose ends to tie up (bait, some food items, etc..) as we were coming together from all over the place, and us such didn’t get to our entry point till 1030. Took the 30 rod portage to the little creek that dumps you into mudro and we were paddling down the meandering creek by 1130. The first 3 portages that take you into fourtown are pretty misleading. They are short but they are rockier than Mordor (yes that was a lord or the rings reference)….. With seven guys we single portaged all week, but the first three proved difficult because we had some greenhorns who didn’t really understand the concept of a portage yet, to them 150 rods just meant an army of fisherman. But they picked it up quickly and we made it into fourtown without too much trouble. On our way through Boot we noted some big cliffs that looked very jumpable, we noted the place and pressed on. We decided to stop in Gun for the night and got the big south facing campsite you see across the bay when you come in from fairy. We ate a dinner of camp burritos (tortilla, onion, green pepper, salsa, summer sausage, cheese) and then went out fishing. Didn’t have the best of luck that first night. Only three walleye to speak of. So we went back to the tents when it got too cold and tucked in for the night, but only after taking a quick late night swim to rinse off the days grime. Slept like infants, (I Woke up many times, but somehow felt very rested in the morning. Thats how it always seems to go up there)