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THE trip (hunter island, quetico...solo)
by kanoes

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 09/07/2011
Entry & Exit Point: Moose Lake (EP 25)
Number of Days: 13
Group Size: 1
Trip Introduction:
my dream trip...hunter island. gear planning went on for months. not much detail planning because i didnt want to know too much before it started, i wanted many surprises. this report will be almost exactly as i wrote it down...mundane details, random thoughts, general observations, not necessarily in order.
Day 1 of 13
Wednesday, September 07, 2011

it was a nice drive up, zero issues. highway 1 was not as fun of a drive as i had remembered it being years ago, next west side trip i will be taking 53 again.

i stopped at TGO and VNO to see if jim and lynn were around. i went 0-2.

after a couple of epa's at the steakhouse i went cheap for dinner. DQ.

stopped and picked up a sixer of schells o-fest before i headed to williams and hall for the night. half way there i remember that i forgot to get 2 quarts of gatorade for the morning. turned back and stopped at the station next to VNO. i glance over and said "i know that guy". it was bellolake (chuck) just getting back from solo #1. we chatted for awhile about his trip and life in general then parted company.

it was a beautiful day and evening. after downing a couple of schells at the dock i went to the bunk for the night, to write and finish the beer.

im all set now. my tow to birch is will begin at 7am. still on the fence if im going to take my camp stool or not. it will be decided in the morning.

im excited, nervous, you name it...thats me right now.

i checked with mrs. k earlier, last contact for awhile. bad news, my old paddling buddy dons wife pam had passed away. her 15 year battle with cancer was now over. i do know she is in a better place now.

my friends son evan is on my mind tough not knowing how things are going.

amok's been in my head too. i hope i can show him a good trip.

once i get dropped off at birch it looks to be 25 miles to cache bay, where my quetico permit awaits. 2 days will be plenty of time to get there.

9pm now and not tired yet. barley was right...this oktoberfest is some gooooood beer.

alarm is set for 5:45 and i must have checked it 15 times to make sure it was right.

"bethany" cleaned this room. leaving her a nice tip.

now im sitting here wondering whats ahead for me. once i get on saganagons it will be all new too me until i hit friday bay on crooked. fun pondering that. :)

its so quiet outside. no cars, no radio, no chat room door opening and closing. suppose i better get used to it.

cracked the last oktfest at last "anita" for a while.

earlier i went over the loop with dave...looks pretty straight forward. low water will make the falls chain much milder but at the same time i wonder how the levels will affect the rest of the trip.

hoping the skwoosh seat works, i will be enduring some looooooong paddling stretches.

thanks for understanding me mrs. kanoes! i know youre worried but im also sure you know im very capable of completing this safely. i sure married up. :)

10:08 and the rack is hit. IT begins at 5:45 tomorrow morning.