Be careful what you ask for!
by bbrown6057

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 07/23/2012
Entry & Exit Point: Lizz and Swamp Lakes (EP 47)
Number of Days: 4
Group Size: 4
Day 2 of 4
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We awake early the next morning to a beautiful scene. Mist hovering over the water and perfectly clear blue skies. I was hoping to see this on our trip and bless the good man upstairs he obliged us! How beautiful and serene this was. We took a few pictures and I fired up the coffee. I looked in our food and grabbed some freeze dried eggs and proceeded to make some vittles. Daph didn't want any eggs so I was going to digest the whole thing. WRONG! This was the most vile thing I've ever laid my taste buds on. I've tasted shoe leather that had more taste than these so called eggs had. I give up on these and grab a breakfast bar we brought along and called it good.

Bob and Lisa were up before us somehow and already wolfed down their breakfast and we all decided after cleanup that we would try out luck at fishing. I got a tip from Cowdoc about the little bay on the NW side of Caribou and we decided on testing out our abilities to land some fish. We grab our fishing gear and our 2 way radios and head out.

We all head up to our spot when we get beeped on our radio. They decide they are going to try elsewhere and we try our luck at the spot. I manage to catch only 1 little smallie and that was it. Bob and Lisa decide they want to go swimming on the way back so we tell them we'll just meet them back at camp and after lunch we'll head down to Horseshoe lake and see what it all looks like.

Bob and Lisa get back from their swim and are ready to go before we eat our lunch so we pack up a light day pack with trail mix and some candy bars and head out. This portage is short and sweet. Daph and I make it to the end and are resting when Bob and Lisa show up without their boat. They decide they just want to see what the lake looks like from the landing and that they were not up for another portage. Fine by me! Daph and I set off to check out a couple of sites that I was wanting to stay at and only one of them was unoccupied so we ate lunch there and looked around the site.

I'm glad we took the site on Caribou. That was the best decision I made on this trip! The skeeters and flies were terrible on Horseshoe! It amazes me how from one lake to the next there could be that big of a bug difference. Our site on Caribou was virtually bug free while this site on Horseshoe was a breeding ground. Daph and I decide to paddle back to our site on our Caribou. We take off and low and behold the wind is in our face, AGAIN! How is it that whatever direction you seem to paddle, the wind is always in your face? After a few choice words with each other, we finally make it back to our site where Bob and Lisa are on box 2 of wine. Great, just freaking great! Daph and myself chill for a bit when Daph comes over to me and tells me not to go over to the rock where Bob and Lisa are. It seems as though it's topless sunbathing on our site. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against this, except for the fact that people were coming and going to the portage, and also the fact that the 2 sites across from ours were occupied. I once again kept my mouth shut and just chalked it up to experience. After all, who was I to say that she can't show her ta ta's to any and everyone coming through?

Later that evening we all sit down to dinner, eat until we can't eat anymore, do the dishes and now it's time to get some firewood for tonight's fire. I had mentioned a few times throughout the day that we need to collect wood for the night but that fell upon deaf ears. Did I mention that Bob doesn't listen? Anyway we scavenge some wood and proceed to relax.

Box number 2 of wine was devoured by our trip partners and now it's time for some rum. Oh boy, here we go again! They made a drink and headed towards the tent to read before going to bed. Daph was also worn out from the days activities and went to our tent and was reading a book the Linn loaned her for the trip. Now it was finally time to absorb some of God's beauty and enjoy the fire. We heard on our weather band that they were forecasting some storms for the night so I put everything up and under the tarps before making me a mixer. I got a few of what I think are great shots of the sunset and sat down and relaxed. This is what I came for, not the fish, not the people, but to just take in what mother nature would give me and man was it worth it! I finished my drink and heard some noise coming from Bob and Lisa's tent. They mentioned that they brought ear plugs with them and before they fell asleep I made sure to get them. I made myself another crown and squirt and sat down at our kitchen area again and was relaxing. It was when I sat down that I heard some faint chatter coming from guess who's tent. It seems as though tonight is tarot card reading night. Bob was reading tarot cards to Lisa and deciphering what they all meant. I look around as if to locate some hidden cameras to see if this is really happening.

After a while the reading stopped, I mixed another drink and sat down to enjoy the glow of the fire. Daph came out of hibernation once she figured out that we were alone and we got to spend some quality time by the fire. It turned out to be a great night!