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Beaverhouse to Nym
by Miami1

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 07/21/2012
Entry Point: Quetico
Exit Point: Quetico  
Number of Days: 9
Group Size: 2
Trip Introduction:
Beaverhouse to Nym
 Arrived at Morris camp around 11:00 pm, Moose was waiting for us, and after a few beers we headed to bed. After a nice breakfast we headed to the Beaverhouse entry. Portage was very easy. Since this was my first time on Beaverhouse I broke out the map and before I knew it we were at the portage to Quetico lake. Again this was a very easy portage.  We stopped on Eden island my brother Jeff filtered us some water to quench our thirst. Next we wanted to find a nice campsite as we would be staying on Quetico lake for 2 days, we found a nice large site on a point east of Eden island. We spent the next 2 days Fishing, Wildlife viewing, and looking for Pictographs. Fishing was a little slower than I expected, we caught plenty just not as many as past trips. All in all I thought Quetico lake was awsome loved the high rock walls and sandy beaches.   On day three we moved over to Kasakokwog. Portage from Quetico into Kasakokwog was mostly up hill and quite rocky, but it was dry and bug free. Found a OK site about half way to the portage to Cirrus on the north shore. Again fishing was a little slower than I expected but it was better than we had on Quetico lake especially for walleyes. We caught nice walleyes 21-25in. on 1/4oz. white twister tail grubs, and enough SMB, Pike to keep us happy. We explored the lake the next day catching quite a few Walleyes, SMB, and Pike. Paddling back to camp we notice some smoke up near the portage to Cirrus. We paddled over to find someones campfire has ignited the end of a small point. We jumped out and stomped out and poured water over as much of the fire as we could. I told Jeff I sure would like a nice rain now. After our smokey the Bear act we paddled back to camp and had a nice walleye dinner. Around 3:30am I was awaken to the sound of rain on the tent, which continued for the next 8 hours. We decided to spend another day on Kasakokwog caught more walleyes and were greatful that the rain had put out the remaining embers of the fire.   On day six we picked up camp and traveled toward McAlpine lake, after paddling up a small stream we negotiated a short easy portage into McAlpine.  We saw a Cow moose with two calves shortly after we entered the lake. The wind was picking up and blowing stiffly from the east. I had picked this route knowing that the winds are primarily from the west, oh well! We camped on a nice small sight high up on the south shore. This lake is quite different high hills surround the lake, lots of birch trees, new growth areas, and it looks like the Beavers have caused the water level to rise several feet. Explored the lake and fished. Found a very nice site near the northern portage to Batchewaung, I will use this site if avaliable on future trips.    Day seven we left McAlpine through the portages located on the eastern end of the lake. Portage was all uphill to a small Beaver pond which we decided to paddle rather than portage around, the next section of the portage was once again uphill and quite rocky. we next paddled across a small lake and portaged again uphill into a smaller lake. The next portage was down hill "Yea" into Batchewaung lake. Around 4:00pm we arrived at a huge site that overlooks the main section of Batchewaung lake. After setting up camp we went fishing, we caught quite a few nice SMB, and Pike along the western shore of the lake all of the way up to the creek that enters in the northwest corner of the lake. Spent the last full day fishing, Otter watching, and relaxing.  Day nine we were up early packed camp and were across Batch and at the portage by 7:00am. Wow they have really fixed up this portage. The first half is mostly uphill, then uphill some more, but at least it is a dry portage. Nym lake was quite calm no power boats were out yet. Hit the landing before 9:00am. Walked up to the parking area and called Moose at Morris camp. He arrived with our truck a short time later.    I would rate this trip as Great! Beautiful lakes, Pictos, OK fishing, Nice wildlife, Deer, Moose, Eagles, Hawks, Songbirds, Otters, Loons, Etc. Next time we will probably travel the southern portion of Quetico and visit Jean and exit through Oriana, Hamburg, Maria then out at Nym.  Cant wait untill next year for my 24th. trip to Gods Country.  Anthony