Woodland Caribou Provincial Park 2013
by scot320

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 08/02/2013
Entry & Exit Point: Other
Number of Days: 9
Group Size: 2
Trip Introduction:
Trip Route: Beresford Lake, Garner Lake, Haggart Lake, Beamish Lake, Irregular Lake, Mather Lake, Garner Lake and back out to Beresford. We would like to give a big thank you to the park staff and trail clearing crews, Harlan at Red Lake Outfitters and his trail crews, Martin Kehoe and anybody else that contributed too getting the park portages cleared for use this summer. Without their hard work this trip and many others would not have been possible.
My son and I left Alexandria Minnesota on August 1st at 11:00 pm and headed for Lac du Bonnet Manitoba for a west side entry into Woodland Caribou Park. We arrived on schedule and picked up our parking permit for Nopiming Park and had breakfast at the local café. On the drive north to the park we were lucky enough to see a caribou crossing the road (too quick for a picture).

Prepping the canoe and gear at the landing on Beresford Lake.


[/URL] The crew.


[/URL] Heading into Beresford Creek.



If you’re inclined to use this entry be aware that boats run this creek between Beresford and Garner Lake. The boats will slow down for you if they see you in time but if you meet in a corner it could be disastrous…move off to the side if you hear them coming.


[/URL] Entry to park on Garner Lake.


[/URL] Starting first portage on nice sand beach.


[/URL] Small waterways on the way to Jester Lake.


[/URL] Setting up camp on Jester Lake (Thanks SunCatcher for the heads up on the site).


[/URL] My son did most of the photography with his new Olympus Tough.


[/URL] We had gorgeous weather for most of the trip.




[/URL] The last two pictures will give you an idea of the damage caused by the blow down. [URL=http://s250.photobucket.com/user/Scot320/media/woodland182.jpg.html]

[/URL] Quite a bit of small meandering water on this route.



PBJ on flat bread for lunch break.


[/URL] There is a fair amount of shallow water on this route…had to get out and walk from time to time, but it was a nice break from paddling.





Close encounter with some woodland Caribou Wildlife (lots of moose sign).


[/URL] Old Fly-in outpost.


[/URL] My son’s accommodation’s for the trip (he likes to hang as they say).








[/URL] Just some random shots.


[/URL] Couple of steaks on the fire.




[/URL] Old trapper’s cabin to explore (thanks again SunCatcher)


[/URL] My son catching us some super.




[/URL] More skinny water to walk.





Taking a break at a falls and taking it all in…never know if you will ever pass this way again.


[/URL] Fish dinner, my favorite.


[/URL] A lot of sand beaches on this route.


[/URL] A little banana nut bread desert.



Some new gear for this year where these New Balance boots…the jury is still out on these… had some stitching wear threw already from rubbing on the rocks…other than that I loved them.


[/URL] This Irwin saw is the best and got used a fair amount on this trip.



I think we finally found the perfect chair, this is REI brand but I know of one other brand being made.


[/URL] A little Jiffy-pop with our Makers Mark.








[/URL] A little mirror image work.


[/URL] Rock statue on Mather Lake.

Just a sample of the 250 pictures taken …another great trip…wish it was longer...wish I was headed back.

Thanks to those woodland travelers here that helped out on the planning of this trip.