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Rasta Wilderness 2005-2
by scotchnsota

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 09/09/2005
Entry & Exit Point: Little Gabbro Lake (EP 33)
Number of Days: 7
Group Size: 4
Trip Introduction:
Pleasure Cruise #2 Scott, Joe, Duane Paddlin' New Guy Tim hit Gabbro for a week's worth of fishing, drinkin' and being ONE with nature - so to speak...
The 3/4 mile portage to Little Gabbro was GORGEOUS - especially compared to our wet and soggy May paddle to Steep... The trail was completely dry - and the weather going in was perfect! In fact, things were so dry that when we reached the end of the portage it was easy to see that Little Gabbro was down - WAY down. Where you normally have the water meet you within a few yards of the end of a portage, there was a sea of mud and weeds that extended for about 40 yards past the end of the portage... We were VERY heavy going in - this being the pleasure cruise and all: two canoes, four paddlers, 6 packs, chairs, a cooking table, 2 coolers (one of them, a four foot long 7-day cooler!) and all the fixins to boot!

We made Gabbro in a little over half an hour and reached our site just as the sun was setting - got camp set up, had a drink by the fire and retired for the evening! Saturday we were greeted with 90 degree weather! Tim + Duane made a wood run while Joe and I set up the tarp and set up the camp. Sunday was another gorgeous 90 degree day that featured plenty of laziness and relaxation on our parts! We got rained out on Monday and things were looking rather gloomy at that point for the other three guys and their pursuit of some Walleye for upcoming suppers. (I don't fish...) Tuesday it cleared up nicely and the guys had plenty of luck fishing. They brought back four nice-sized Walleye and we enjoyed some fabulous "Lake 2 Plate" fillets, complete with wild rice and real potatos (with just the right touch of all-spice)! By Tuesday night, the weather was getting rather chilly at night - dipping into the 40's. The guys fished some more on Wednesday and by Thursday we were ready to hit the road back to dull and dreary civilization...

For the past couple of trips, I have borrowed a cousin's Coleman canoe - it weighs over 85 pounds empty! I have decided to bit the bullet and purchase a used Kevlar canoe! Upcoming trips planned for '06 are going to not only warrant it, they'll require it!

Happy trails to you all...


Rasta Wilderness...

Little Gabbro Lake

Gabbro Lake

Lakes Traveled:   Gabbro Lake,