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Kawishiwi-May 2015
by cowdoc

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 05/23/2015
Entry & Exit Point: Kawishiwi Lake (EP 37)
Number of Days: 7
Group Size: 5
Trip Introduction:
Annual family trip with my sons, a friend and a special treat to have my daughter along who hasn't tripped with us in a few years.She was really looking forward to it. New area for us for the most part.
Left at 4:30 am and drove 9 hours to Kawishiwi e.p. Got on water a little before 3 pm and made Polly by 5pm. Took the far SE site. It's a very decent site and avoids the zoo in the north end. Grilled our steaks and caught some fish off camp. Next day plan was to head for Amber area. Weather was nice like the day before. Saw a moose with twins on Malberg. Had lunch on the NW end of Malberg and took the wet portage into Kawishiwi river. Checked out the 2 island sites on the way down....both decent. Went into Amber and the beach site was open. Baked 3 pizzas for supper and took an evening paddle.Had a drumming grouse guarding the thunderbox. He never left. Gorgeous sunset. Next day was a day trip planned to fish below rapids and see the Fishdance pictos. All done successfully except for the all day rain. Cleared off enough to make a fish dinner then rained some in the night. Packed up wet and headed back north for Adams. Neat portage in. Got the island campsite and it's a beauty. Chicken tacos and dried our gear. Bright, breezy, sunny day. Plan was to head to Boulder and loop east to Pan and eventually back down to east end of Malberg. Weather radio reports didn't sound good so we layed over and fished the next day. Hot, breezy morning into afternoon. I watched storm clouds grow and headed back to secure camp before the storm. Big T-storm....wind, down pour and tons pf pea sized hail that covered camp. Cleared off and was nice again. SMB bit decent before the storm. Next morning was quite cool and breezy. Headed out of Adams to Beaver, Trapline, Kawishiwi River, Malberg, Koma and into Polly. Most sites were full in the north end but we got the skinny island site. Stiff breeze from south was cool coming across lake but it was nice in camp. Called for rain over night and next day so I set the tarp to stash gear. Kinda muggy overnight and we got up just before the rain and packed up dry. Had breakfast under the tarp just as rain began. Loaded gear and headed out in the rain. Met 3 0r 4 groups headed in for Malberg on our way out. Met fellow member mcsweem at Townline portage and he told me to grab some cold beers out of his truck when we finished. THANKS MIKE! Got to Kawishiwi take out and loaded wet sloppy gear into truck and headed for Grand Marais for Gunflint Tavern lunch and some shopping then headed up the GFT to visit friends and stay at Tuscarora and a TC supper. Temps were cool all afternoon and night and really dropped by morning. It was 35 when we got up. Headed back to GM for breakfast at SOB and hit the road. Pictures in my photo gallery...Kawishiwi-2015