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by searching4slabs

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 06/04/2014
Entry & Exit Point: Moose Lake (EP 25)
Number of Days: 3
Group Size: 2
Trip Introduction:
Headed off to ensign for some fishing, turned out well.
Packed last minute,forgot a few items, didn't matter since we had an awesome trip! Left the north metro around two on Thursday, stopped in croquet for gas, met a cool lady with a unique Kevlar on her small car. It was loaded with signatures, she said it traveled from wenonah on a bicycle up through some colleges to raise awareness of some mines. It had over six thousand signatures yet without a pen, unfortunately I wasn't one of them. First night at latourells we met a couple cool guys, nick and Billy, and chatted for a couple hrs. Thursday am we got our tow to splash, got up to the portage to ensign and caught a few fish at the outlet from ensign to splash. Since it was raining we did not set up camp, yet fished for smallies for a while on the part of the lake we knew we wouldn't visit later on the trip. Caught around thirty to thirty five smallies, biggest going 18 or 19, some were pregos, some not. Had a blast catching em on x raps! Set up camp then went out for walleyes, brought back six plus the one I caught earlier while fishing smallies. Friday we checked trident without luck, but it's a cool lake. That night we found walleyes on sand in 12 fow, kept our limit and threw back around five. Went to Vera Saturday, pretty slow, came back before the weather NFL hit our Walter spot. Released around twenty walleyes since we had our limit. Pretty fun to do in less than two hrs! Got poured on sat night, with a leaky tent. It was a warm rain and I didn't freeze, even though we. Overall found a couple new fishing spots and learned that I need to plan better and bring better gear. On the way back we hit dq in Ely and of course gordies high hat. Once again the family sized fries were too much for the two of us! Stopped at the mine view in the sky in cloquet, pretty cool stuff! We did awesome fishing so the trip was a success, even though we got rained on a bit. Looking forward to checking out new areas and becoming a more efficient tripper. Unfortunately all the pics from the trip are on my friends go pro so it might be a bit till I can put them on here.