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Wood Lake
by firemedic5586

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 08/24/2016
Entry & Exit Point: Wood Lake (EP 26)
Number of Days: 1
Group Size: 10
Trip Introduction:
We took a group of Boy Scouts on an overnight on Wood Lake. For most of them it was their 1st BWCA trip, my son included... Friday night we stayed at Fall lake, then went into Wood to stay overnight on Sat, coming out on Sunday.

Here are some pics from the trip, minus pics of the Scouts..

My son and I stayed on the North end, here is the view of the lake looking south..

Some of the Blow down on the portage to Wood Lake

A creepy crawler my son flicked off my back. Sense it was on me, am I going to die?

Our fire with the wind whipping in from the S..

A fun time has had by all, lucky for us it rained Friday night while we were sleeping. Then didn't start coming down again until Sunday when we were paddling out..

Pics my son took.

My Hammock

Me at the fire

His angle of the fire pit.

My sons hammock